The portuguese word Marmita translates literally to "reusable vessel for food, made from metal and generally used to transport food to work, on a journey or a picnic".

In fact, this custom is shared by many different countries around the globe. In India, it takes the form of a stackable container, also made from steel, known as Tiffin. There is an entire logistics system built up around these vessels, which is run by workers known as Dabawallas. This fascinating, complex and chaotic system functions like clockwork to transport take-away meals throughout the country and its mega-cities.

In Japan the Bento box serves the same purpose, and this with the unique flair for aestehetic presentation that only a Japanese box could have. The Turkish marmita is called Sefertasi, in Germany it's the Essenstraeger, and so on, and so forth.

This diversity of cultural influences mixed with an utmost respect for tradition and home-style cooking are mirrored in the food served at our SUPER-MARMITA pop-up restaurant and at all SUPER-MARMITA projects to come.

A dining-experience you can take virtually anywhere! ...back to your house, to your office, to the park, to...